At vvast Potential

Richie’s vision for vvast came to him whilst surfing. Always one to look to the horizon, Richie could see the future for D2C eCommerce, and it had great potential. Accelerated by what he dubs the Covid time machine, four years on and he’s developed a well-oiled machine set to support the growth of brands at vvast scale.

Richie has worked with the team to hand pick some exciting names and set them on the path to glory. The likes of YETI,  Stance, VF, JanSport and Troy Lee Designs have profited from joining the fold.

The mission is to empower these retailers to deliver an interconnected customer experience using the right technology and commercial methodology, at the right time, in the right way to protect the brand integrity. To catch a brand in time, just when they are starting to waste cash or are maybe too intimidated by setting up in Europe at all (GDPR, Brexit to name a few deterrents). We invest in their website by way of our own platform ‘vvastify’ and make them look great. If the website is easy to use, then the product usually is. Richie believes there is no excuse for poor design in this era. No excuse for poor brand experience. Customer experience should be frictionless, just like the product.

So, we’ve crafted a process to put our client’s customers right at the heart of the business model, and it’s paying dividends. Richie has attracted some industry heavyweights from across the retail world. Saj joined in 2019 from good stock, having worked his way through the ranks at Surfdome where he dealt with 200+ brands EMEA wide. he has redefined the trading engine. Amy owns the transaction arm of the business, one of the first to join the team, bringing relevant experience from the likes of Skatehut and D2C eCommerce pureplay star Hush. Nick runs the traction arm building on huge success at local media agency Search Star and Richie oversees the overarching brand connection. It’s no longer enough to simply talk to customers. We facilitate brand dialogue. We are in the business of accelerating D2C eCommerce growth by delivering a personalised experience at pace, at scale and at an efficient cost.

This is where our passion comes in – there is nothing better than seeing a brand optimising margin or realising its true topline potential more quickly. So many head straight to Amazon – becoming reliant on their marketplace. Amazon and wider marketplaces do have a place once the direct website channel has been optimised; however, they miss out on the opportunity to own their data, own their brand, own their journey from the get-go. Thanks to vvast’s unique paid-on-performance model and shared P&L ownership, our success is intrinsically linked to yours. It’s in our collective interest to drive your long-term revenue and build brand equity. 

At vvast, we understand that D2C is far more than systems and processes, so we’ve built our model on a foundation of collaboration and many years of experience in the team from trading 200+ brands across EMEA. To put the brand at the heart of the conversation. It’s all about creating customer delight. Taking them on the journey. That’s why at vvast, we always need relentlessly to be one step ahead.

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