B Corp Materiality Assessment

Our Materiality Assessment

Our mission and impact has always gone beyond pure play ecommerce. With an ethos of relentless R&D  at our core, we are always exploring a fresh approach to good business growth. vvast are now proudly well on our way along the B Corp journey and we are keen to share progress, pitfalls and plaudits.

As part of our B Corp application (learn more about our journey here (https://vvast.net/b-corp/), vvast has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders through its materiality assessment, in order to determine our key sustainability issues.

We will conduct a materiality assessment every 2 years to ensure that we stay up to date with any changes through our stakeholders, that may impact on our key sustainability issues.

In 2023 we worked with an independent third party to conduct our materiality assessment. The outcomes of this assessment have shown that the key issues vvast faces are around driving brand equity to deliver sustainability, climate change and mental wellbeing of employees & our suppliers.

You can view the full assessment here.

The scatter chart below shows all issues ranked from the results of the assessment.

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