Building Brands at vvast Scale – Deus

By Richie Jones

We established vvast four years ago (which in ecom dog years is more like 20) based on a proposition to partner brands. We didn’t want to operate on a traditional client, agency basis; in fact, we are a technology company first and foremost.

The vvastify playbook has been developed to support our mission to accelerate D2C brands and that means we work in collaboration to continuously improve and share the success and the risk. We call it ‘relentless R&D’.

Through 2021 we made a logical progression from pure D2C to D4C. This shift is about putting our brands at the heart of our business; so that they can truly put their customers at the heart of theirs.

To achieve the success required for our partner brands, we have a rigorous selection process to ensure we create a win win team. The relationship has to work both ways and, in truth, vvast isn’t right for everyone.

We champion brands and that’s why we are proud to announce our latest partnership with Deus. A hero brand that we have worshipped from afar but now have the pleasure to work with intimately.

God of all brands

Hailing from Sydney, Australia this brand oozes trend forward while embracing classic style. Their stores are called ‘Temples of Enthusiasm’ which sums up the focus they put on brand experience and customer success.

Taking influences from the surfing community, motorbikes, skating and fashion, they marry stunning design (string block art, illustrations and classic calligraphy) with brilliant business practice and a spirit of innovation.

We’re currently running the UK site in close collaboration with Sydney HQ and the team in LA. Deus have been in the UK market via wholesale for ten years, but it’s launching a dedicated UK site is a first, and we are loving the experience of supporting them in navigating the Brexit infested waters and sharing best practice D4C.

If you’re an ambitious brand with track record looking to grow at vvast scale get in touch. We leave ordinary to others.