Building Brands at vvast Scale – Troy Lee Designs

By Richie Jones

Launching an American classic into Europe

If you’ve spent any time following vvast over the past couple of years you will note we have a particular skill in cherry picking awesome brands out of the US and helping them fly in Europe.
Troy Lee Designs is no exception. To be honest, the skill in not in picking these brands. We’ve known and loved them for years. Success comes in focussing on what we do best, so they can be the best in their field (or the track or trail in the case of Troy Lee Designs).
An American action sport apparel and custom paint company doesn’t sound like a natural fit, but Troy Lee Designs marries the two to make motorcycle and Mountain Biking clothing and equipment that is well loved.
Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Corona, California, Troy has built up a cult following for his gear. People like myself who still cherish the kit they bought back in the early days of their biking career.

All in the craft

Troy, as a person, has achieved unbelievable credibility in the market due to his dual passion for bikes and creativity. He has built a sacred brand that is founded on authenticity. Since the age of twelve Troy’s life has been inspired by racing and art. Hitting sixty, he still airbrushes his own helmets and enjoys the thrill of time spent in the saddle.
Himself, a former motocross racer, in 2001 Troy formed a Supermoto race team with support from Honda and Red Bull. The brand went on to work with F1, Indy, NASCAR, Enduro, Freestyle, Dirt Track, Road Racing, MTB and BMX.

We champion brands

Elite athletes riding for their country at the Olympics or literally launching off vertical cliffs at Redbull Rampage event in the depths of Utah wear Troy Lee Designs with pride. However, the brand manages to remain accessible and has never sold out. Taking design seriously to bespoke and mass produce, innovation sits at the heart of this brand.
That’s why we are proud to partner with one of the best in the business. A brand I’ve grown up with and now have the pleasure to work with, to nurture and grow traction and allow others to embrace.

Taking customer experience to the limit

We launched Troy Lee into mainland Europe in 2021. Finally cracking the UK post Brexit with a nifty workaround. We’ve now got Troy Lee Designs up and running on vvastify and look forward to working together to impart best practice D4C and improve reach so others can enjoy the passion and craft of this iconic brand.

If you’re an ambitious brand with track record looking to grow at vvast scale get in touch. We leave ordinary to others.