Celebrating World Ocean Day: vvast Joins the Movement for Ocean and Climate Action

At vvast, we recognise the critical interdependence between a healthy ocean and a stable climate. 

Some of us surf, swim and play in the ocean on a regular basis, it’s an issue very close to our hearts. 

On this World Ocean Day, we are proud to join the global community in acting for our ocean and climate. This year’s theme, “Catalysing Action for Our Ocean & Climate,” aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Need for Collective Action

The climate crisis poses one of the greatest threats to our planet, affecting both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. A healthy ocean is essential for a healthy climate, and vice versa. It is imperative that we, as a global community, take stronger, more decisive actions to protect our blue planet.

Our Commitment to the 2024 Action Theme

This year, World Ocean Day launches a new multi-year action theme aimed at fostering transformative collaboration to create a healthier, more sustainable future. Key focus areas include:

  • Utilising all available technologies and strategies to mitigate climate change.
  • Phasing out fossil fuels and promoting clean energy solutions.
  • Eliminating unnecessary plastic waste and promoting circular economy principles.
  • Supporting community-driven initiatives to implement sustainable practices.
  • Establishing protected areas to conserve biodiversity and restore natural habitats.
  • Urging governments and corporations to fulfil their commitments to environmental protection.

How You Can Get Involved

World Ocean Day is not just a day of celebration, but a call to action. Here are ways you can contribute to the cause:

  • Support policies that protect the ocean and combat climate change.
  • Commit to reducing your plastic consumption and supporting businesses that prioritise sustainability.
  • Join community efforts to clean up beaches and waterways.
  • Choose renewable energy options for your home and business.

Join the Conversation – Take Action

On June 8th, and throughout the year, we invite you to join us in taking meaningful actions to protect our ocean and climate. Follow World Ocean Day on social media, participate in local events, and stay informed about ongoing initiatives. 

Together, we can create a future where both the ocean and humanity thrive.

For more information and resources, visit World Ocean Day.

Let’s unite our efforts to make a lasting impact. One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together.

Happy World Ocean Day from all of us at vvast.