Driving data for exponential, brand-enhancing growth

By Saj Sana

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, as a technology company our whole world revolves around data. Certainly, data sits at the heart of all that we do. We are obsessive about stock availability, content, and good quality of data to drive actionable insight. These are all vital lifeblood to all good business, but what is paramount is not the data itself, but why it is so valuable. 

Building your operation on relevant, clean data affords you the luxury of truly knowing your audience. Understanding what makes them tick and divining what they are going to do next week, next month, next summer, way before they do. 

Data flows from on site experience to sales in store and back again. It transcends your brand and the ability to measure and optimise will take you streaks ahead of the competition. Because every interaction flows back into data which we can convert into insight to drive behaviour change and resulting sales. 

It is a virtuous cycle that leads us from stock availability; into stock control in terms of quality and quantity; through exclusivity and most important timing. Seasonality is a vital component of the retail toolkit. Stock control optimization is hugely dependent on data driven insights that enable retailers to maintain the right stock, at the right time AKA, seasonality. 

Content must be accessible; clear and simple to follow; showcase your brand; and ultimately it must be engaging. To build engagement, we need to establish what content successfully showcases quality, exclusivity, availability and keep one step ahead of our customers. This content can take many forms, be it bespoke, UGC or exclusive. Ultimately, retail is all about trends, so all good retailers try to keep ahead of the curve and good data insights fuel this potential. 

Some brands hide content in crazy language, overly complex terminology that is not well defined, or well thought through. We must translate, demystify, make it simple and create compelling content that truly resonates with customers. Good examples of great content are buyer guides, landing pages and comparison tools. Now, more than ever creativity is critical. It’s not just the nuts and bolts that count, but the presentation of content that really sets your brand apart and encourages customers to engage with it. 

Here at vvast, we generate online experience that translates into sales. From a Google search, availability match, landing on a website – signposting to the right page, managing the journey – through to ease of purchase and sale conversion. Never ending but maintaining the relationship post sale to loyalty, advocacy and referral or repurchase. The flywheel of vvast retail success. 

The key stage is to measure success. Constantly optimise and cross reference geo, demo, socio landscapes. The world moves pretty fast and if you don’t spot the shifts, you miss the opportunity; and at best you are going to be stranded with too much stock. Keep on trend with data, measure your own success, map to optimise stock and customer journey and fit your best practice to suit customer needs for now and for the future.