Extending our vvastify Shopify product with our first App – presenting vvast Gift with purchase

We hit a significant milestone this Q4 with the launch of our Shopify first app. 

Historically our vvastify product has manifested purely as a Shopify theme but, now we’re adding extensive additional functionality by extending vvastify to the app AND theme ecosystem. 

Our key stakeholder in the design and functionality of our vvastify product is the trade team, brand experience and Data & Analytics teams who sit right next to our development team. They have weekly clinics and feedback on how new functionality is working and what isn’t. 

This is ‘Relentless R&D’ personified couple with our Bcorp purpose led mission.

The launch of our first app marks the start of an ambitious roll out of multiple apps addressing key challenges and requirements of our trade and partner brand teams.

Best of all, we’re sharing this knowledge by publishing the most wanted apps on the Shopify app store to drive better Shopify experiences globally for brands, 

The killer app? One word. Interoperability. 

Our apps will collude with each other, have unified reporting and provide seamless user experiences to truly elevate the brand experience. 

Our first custom-crafted Gift With Purchase (GWP) App is a shining example of seamlessly integrating with our bespoke Shopify theme. 

One of the challenges we noticed is the bloat caused by available apps on page load times. Beyond that, other GWP apps often introduce bugs that can impact customer confidence. That’s why, ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Q4 rush, we decided to create our Gift With Purchase app.

Where Functionality Meets Design

Unlike generic apps that might disrupt your store’s brand experience, our GWP App effortlessly blends sophisticated functionalities with the sleek design principles inherent in our Shopify themes.

As we build out our app roadmap, we’re excited about the additional functionality we can integrate into our existing Shopify theme. This interoperability between our Shopify theme and our personally developed apps creates a unique experience for customers.

Watch a product overview of our GWP app

Enhancing Brand Experience

Recognising the paramount importance of a consistent brand experience, our GWP App offers extensive customisability. Tailor it to align with your brand’s aesthetics, ensuring a visually pleasing and unified shopping journey for your customers.

Intuitive campaign management lies at the heart of our GWP App. Navigate the merchant UI or the app’s front end with ease, maintaining control over promotions. Set up campaigns for future dates, and as your stock of free gifts dwindles, watch as the promotion disappears without manual intervention, delivering more impactful outcomes.

For your customers, it’s not just a transaction; it’s an experience. The GWP App empowers them to receive a complimentary gift with their purchase, guided by eligibility criteria crafted by you. This diverse array of gifts and promotions injects excitement into the shopping experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Seamless Performance and Continuous Improvement

We’re proud of the care and design that goes into each of our Shopify stores, and our app needed to seamlessly integrate into these diverse storefronts. That’s why we designed it to be fully customisable, ensuring it reflects the unique look and feel of each store.

As we gather quantitative insights, internal feedback ensures the GWP App’s flawless performance. It adeptly sidesteps common issues, such as inventory syncing problems between Shopify and ERP systems—a testament to our commitment to relentless R&D in a spirit to never stop improving.

Beyond Features, a Focus on Functionality and Design

Being a Shopify-powered business means being on the pulse of cutting-edge technology. Shopify consistently empowers some of the biggest eCommerce brands, and as part of that ecosystem, we’ve always strived to stay ahead.

Delve into the potential of our Gift with Purchase App, recognising that it goes beyond features—it encapsulates the seamless fusion of functionality and design. Join us in refining your customer’s journey and setting your brand apart.

Calling Brands to Elevate Their Shopify Experience

If you represent a brand eager to elevate its Shopify experience, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s collaborate and transform every purchase into an experience worthy of celebration.

Make every transaction a gifted experience with vvast.

Now, some questions you might have about our app (and some answers from our vvastify product owner James K):

Q: What makes your gift with purchase app different?

A: Our app is built to support our vvastify Shopify theme (as well as the Dawn theme), so it’s completely customisable to ensure we keep the unique look and feel across all stores. We’ve also built intuitive marketing… this means that as soon as the gifted product runs out of stock all marketing relating to the campaign is taken off-site.

Q: How easy is the app to use?

A: Our app was built with our whole vvast team. We’re lucky to have some of the best eCommerce talent and we leaned heavily on our design, trade, development, and analytic teams to create a great experience for both users of the app and end customers. Promotions can be created in advance and automatically rolled out or within a minute’s notice. The look and feel can be controlled within the Shopify CMS and our Merchant User Interface (UI) can easily show active, expired, and scheduled promotions.

Q: When can I get this app on my store?

A: We’ve rolled our Gift With Purchase app across all of our current brands. In the future, we will be looking to roll our app out onto the Shopify app store so anyone can take advantage of our design. If you’d like to be involved in the early release of our Gift With Purchase app please reach out to james.key@vvast.net.

The app will soon be publicly live on the Shopify App store

Elevate Your Customer’s Journey with vvast: Innovating Beyond the App

If you want to enhance your Shopify experience, our GWP app is just the beginning. We’re exploring new horizons and would love to have you on board. Reach out, and let’s create an eCommerce journey that goes beyond the ordinary.