Our approach

True partnership & shared risk

We become a genuine extension of the teams we work with. We strive to nurture, respect and expertly channel their passion into revenue and loyal customers. Thanks to our unique paid-on-performance model and full ownership of your D2C P&L, it’s in our interest to drive your long-term revenue and maintain brand equity so you know you’re in good hands.

Below are some of the ways we partner with our brands . Our approach ensures that our success is intrinsically linked to your success.

  • With clients, for consumer

    We provide the leading D2C systems, empowering the most successful retailers to deliver seamless transactions and delightful customer journeys. 

  • EMEA Rollout

    For brands seeking low cost new market entry in the EMEA region – we offer full 360 services with no fixed overheads

  • Skunkworks

    For large corporates who like to take advantage of our agility, pace and proven capability – we can launch one brand for you to test the D2C channel and then you can hand us the others.

  • Accelerating D2C

    For brands who may have struggled to make existing D2C profitably viable – we run our modelling on your numbers and see if we can take your D2C to the next level.

  • Launching D2C

    For brands already in market, perhaps established in the wholesale channel, but without the internal skills or capital to launch D2C –  we’ll analyse the numbers and see if we can launch a vvast-powered profitable D2C for you.

  • Compliance

    For brands intimidated by EU GDPR legislation and wider privacy and compliance regulations – our ISO certified compliance and privacy process ensures your brand complies with all local legislation. What’s more, our ongoing processes ensure you remain compliant as legislation evolves and that all data and system integrity are maintained well above the requirements. Never again miss a retail opportunity through compliance fear.

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