Our Tech - Democratising our expert IP

vvast sits in a unique place...

Our stakeholders range from our own expert Trade, Development and Data & Analytics teams all the way through to our Bcorp objectives with B-labs and our own brand partner stakeholders.

Gathering requirements from these stakeholders whilst leveraging our core Relentless R&D value sees innovation occurring at a blistering pace. 

We adopt the latest developments from the likes of Shopify. Within days of the announcement of Storefront 2.0/Dawn, our Development team were up and running with a Storefront 2.0 build. This was the vvastify 2.0 iteration of our core product. Our team also achieved this with the introduction of Metafields. 

Our platforms don’t stop at vvastify. We also have vvastBI which is our business intelligence tool built on Microsoft PowerBI. This allows our key stakeholders to see the platform blending previously disparate data sets in ways that drive genuine incremental revenue for our brands whilst reducing over-production through better buying as a result of better data quality.

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