Outercraft and vvast Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Product and Brand Design

In the ever-evolving world of consumer goods and brand creation, innovation is the heartbeat that keeps businesses thriving. It’s about crafting not just products but experiences, resonating with audiences on a deeper level, and shaping the future in a positive way. This philosophy led vvast, the pioneers in data-driven insights, to an exciting partnership with Outercraft, a visionary brand and product design company.

Florian Auger, Founder and Managing Director of Outercraft, was inspired by his upbringing amidst surf lifestyle brands in the remote French countryside. This upbringing ignited a passion for brands and the dream of crafting unique, innovative products. Florian’s journey began as a surfboard shaper, glasser, and sander for international labels for almost a decade. This hands-on experience taught him the importance of the product itself and the need for a structured, creative approach to brand building.

The connection between Florian and Richie Jones, Managing Director and Founder of vvast, was established at Eurosima during Florian’s captivating lecture on creating innovation. Their shared vision of building brands and crafting products that perfectly fit the market’s needs created an instant synergy.

At vvast, the spirit of relentless R&D is a driving force and one of our company values. The potential for vvast to provide continuous feedback to Outercraft on product successes, based on real-time data, represents the future of market-responsive product design.

Outercraft’s core philosophy centres around believing in brands and adhering to a structured, creative process. They emphasise investing in an innovative process, using the right tools, skills, and networks. Their approach focuses on risk control and, most importantly, listening to the market to judge and iterate on product offerings.

This strategic partnership brings together the strengths of both companies. vvast’s data-driven insights and technology capabilities align seamlessly with Outercraft’s product and brand design expertise. The collaboration enhances the go-to-market strategy for brands, enabling them to maintain control and add skill sets collectively for success.

Looking ahead, the long-term vision for this partnership is clear. It’s about creating an offering for clients from concept to realization to sale, bridging gaps seamlessly through a combined team, technology, and network effect. Both vvast and Outercraft aspire to be trusted partners for shared success, collectively derisking the process for maximum impact.

The combination of market insights from vvast and product/brand design expertise from Outercraft creates a unique value proposition. This partnership offers clear insights, drawing from both quantitative and qualitative data. It leverages proof of market rapidly, marrying sales and retailer-driven decisions with forward-facing, market-driven consumer insights.

As this collaboration evolves, client brands and their customers can expect a transformative experience. Clients gain access to high-level skills, cost-effectiveness, economies of scale, and shared learning across brands. For customers, it means an improved experience, disruptive products based on market insight, and market-leading brand experiences that inspire growth and progress.

In closing, this partnership signifies innovation and a fresh approach in a market in constant flux. 

It’s about building future bestsellers, learning from every project, experience, and partner, and continuously informing brand stories and product innovations. Together, vvast and Outercraft are poised to shape the future of D2C, one brand and product at a time.

Richie Jones, Founder and Managing Director of vvast, remarks, “Our partnership with Outercraft is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. It’s about harnessing the power of data-driven insights and visionary product design to create experiences that inspire and shape the world.”

Florian Auger, Founder and Managing Director of Outercraft, adds, “We are excited to join forces with vvast, combining our expertise to craft brands and products that will set new standards in the market. The future is promising, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of innovation.”

For more information about this partnership or to explore how vvast and Outercraft can transform your brand’s future, please contact richie.jones@vvast.net.

vvast boasts a global portfolio of brands ranging from from VF $13bn turnover to Stance; and YETI $1.5bn turnover, to Troy Lee Designs and Deus Ex Machina; vvast are elite at putting brands right at the heart of the conversation. Having fast tracked ISO accreditation, the business model is geared to support clients trading in the US and looking to break into Europe and likewise if they are already established in Europe. 

vvast understand that D2C is far more than systems and processes and have built a model based on a foundation of collaboration and many years of experience from trading 200+ brands across EMEA.

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