Unleashing the Power of Product Ownership at vvast

By James Key

Hello, my name is James and I’ve recently joined vvast in the new and exciting role of product owner. As it’s a new role I thought it worth explaining a bit more about what I do. I’m also going to touch a bit on what it means to be product led and what we are doing at vvast to continue our product journey. Before going into too much detail I thought it worth beginning with my favourite subject… me.

After completing my degree in psychology, I found myself on a graduate scheme in financial services. This gave me the foundation in change management I needed to begin my product journey. From this I moved into the world of e-commerce supporting a local Bristol business in transforming the way e-commerce warehousing is handled. When the vvast team reached out about a product vacancy I knew that my background and their environment would be the perfect fit and with this I decided to make the jump to join.

Joining as the first ever product owner at vvast I was nervous. I thought I was going to be in a tough position. So, it was a real delight when, upon joining, I saw that a lot of the core principles that make great product organisations already in place. The teams desire for relentless R&D, paired with their experimentation mindset, made the transition of joining as product owner very easy.

At the heart of what separates the great product-led organisations to the rest is the desire to identify a problem and deliver quick iterative solutions to solve these. Through the delivery of iterative change, the understanding of what the customer is looking for becomes clearer and with this the next feature can be derived. You can quickly see how this becomes a cycle for continuous improvement and why I was so excited that this mentality is already inherent throughout vvast.

Over the next few months my role will be to build off the strong foundation vvast has created. I will be constantly seeking to push the boundaries and drive the evolution of our products and services. Through applying a customer-centric mindset I will look to better understand our users’ problems and what (with the incredible team at vvast) we can do to resolve these.

As we continue to evolve as a product-led organisation the goal for vvast will be to enhance our understanding of end customers, utilise our technological advancements to stay ahead in the world of e-commerce and iterate on our products and services quicker than before. With the vvast expertise in our teams, I have full confidence that we can achieve this and continue to make a substantial impact on the e-commerce landscape.