vlog series: Episode 2

Want to learn how vvast accelerate brands coming into territory 

Keen to hear about our playbook and the three Ts of D4C

Leverage Richie’s spirit for relentless innovation as you launch in Europe

Hear from Richie Jones, vvast Founder and CEO, as he delves deeper into the minefield – and potential of the EMEA landscape

This is the second vvlog in the initial vvast D4C series. The first edition is well worth a watch too.

Richie and team vvast spotted the opportunity to accelerate brands coming into territory with an innovative, relentless playbook supported by vvast’s own proprietary technical platforms to facilitate D2C growth. Forged from years of experience they have developed the tried and tested the ‘Three Ts model to maximise ROI and accelerate growth.

Trading – vvast steer away from traditional merchandising practices and have developed innovative, data-driven processes to help you manage inventory levels. Blending on and off line analytics to deliver more efficient demand planning and trading best practice. 

Traction – is all about building brand equity while converting point of sale. Developing a fit for purpose go to market strategy to enable us to sell product now and build traction over time.

Transaction – with the vvast spirit of relentless innovation in full flight to ensure that the entire customer journey is the best it can possibly be; from delivery times, customer experience and couriers to packaging and after sales. 

Hear more about the vvast Playbook

Why vvastify 2.0 is the most effective Shopify experience and how vvastBI our Business Intelligence tool supports our partner brands mission

What’s in store for future episodes