vlog series two: episode 2

Building Brands for the Future : The Inconvenient Truth About Retail

  • Find out about retail’s inconvenient truth
  • Learn about the three pillars of sustainable development
  • Hear from vvast CEO about the connected customer model

This is the second vvlog in this new Shop Eat Surf vvast D4C series. Do catch up on series one here or check out episode one in this series here.

In this episode we will envision the future of retail with vvast CEO, Richie Jones. We will explore three key themes around sustainability in retail, ethical advertising, and the role of data in the next act of the centuries old story called the rag trade.

Throughout his career, Richie has been passionate about brands and lives by the credo relentless R&D. Deploying the right technology to deliver exceptional experience for customers and brands alike. In his down time, Richie is a father, a surfer, a mountain biker and maintains a keen respect for the great outdoors.

A time of reflection and a moment of clarity

During a recent trip to Pakistan, Richie was struck by the visible signs of global warming. Reigniting his drive to be part of the solution, Richie resolved to shift the way retail has been sweeping big issues under the carpet. Breaking down barriers and reframing a conversation from imminent destruction to the incremental shift we can all start making, today.

Small steps for mankind

Nobody says that we are perfect and we certainly haven’t got this nailed. However, through small steps, we can gradually build a better way to manufacture, trade and consume goods. We have much to learn from each other. We need to build a cleaner way to do better business.

Find out more about our BCorp journey here.

A collective and concerted effort

Working together, we can define strategies for a more connected customer engagement approach and a more responsible marketplace. Based on robust fundamentals in supply chain distribution that drives efficiency and reduces impact on the environment.

We can harness smart tech and talent to deliver a more sustainable, omnichannel business model. Shifting focus from direct sales to a future founded on genuine, sustainable relationships.

Changing the world for good. One click at a time.

Join us in the new year for more vvast vvlogs in this new series Building Brands For the Future