vvast and One Question Partner to Tackle Mental Health Challenges in Bristol

At vvast, we believe that mental health is an integral part of our well-being and productivity. We are proud to announce our partnership with One Question to address this crucial issue. 

Together, we are launching an ambitious initiative to explore the various factors that impact mental health, focusing on how we can foster positive mental health outcomes in our communities and workplaces.

The urgent need for action

Mental health issues present a significant challenge, with the wider economic cost of mental illness in the UK reaching £105.2 billion annually. In Bristol, the situation is particularly pressing, with the city experiencing some of the highest suicide rates in the country. The need for coordinated efforts to address mental health at its root cause has never been more critical.

The One Question Initiative

One Question, in partnership with Social Finance and an impressive advisory board, has initiated a place-based project to understand the cultural, generational, gender, disability, and socio-economic factors that influence mental health. This initiative aims to uncover the positive and negative levers of mental health and implement strategies to enhance personal agency and community connections.

Starting with localised research in Bristol, we will collaborate with leading institutions and organisations to shift local policies, engage the community, and drive behavioural changes. Our goal is to reduce the impact of mental health crises on both businesses and society.

Key focus areas include:
  • Conducting primary and secondary research with businesses, the public sector, charities, and individuals with lived experiences to test our hypotheses.
  • Modelling the economic impact of mental health crises on businesses and the public sector, linking profitability with societal mental health.
  • Identifying potential solutions, performing cost-benefit analyses, and outlining a path for scaling these solutions across the country.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We are supporting this initiative and invite businesses, institutions, and community members to join us by joining the One Question conversation on 4th of July 2024 at the Triodos Bank in Bristol. This event will bring together diverse perspectives to explore the factors affecting mental health and discuss ways to promote well-being through community and organisational support.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, share challenges, and develop actionable solutions. Together, we can reduce the rate of mental health crises and build a healthier, happier society.

Together, we can create a better future for all

As a headline partner, vvast is committed to leading this critical conversation. We believe in the power of community and collective action to create lasting change. Join us in supporting this vital initiative and making a tangible difference in mental health outcomes.

For more information on how to get involved and support the One Question initiative, please visit One Question.

Let’s lead the conversation and be part of the change.