vvast rolls out YETI’s new website redesign & upgrade to vvastify 2.0

Last week vvast launched a huge upgrade to the YETI Europe websites, these updates had 2 main objectives: 

  • Implement the recent redesign yeti.com launched, to allow for an elevated shopping experience worthy of the YETI product
  • Upgrading YETI to Shopify’s Storefront 2.0 using vvast’s vvastify 2.0 theme, bringing the benefits we outlined in our last blog article.

vvast runs 7 websites for YETI as part of our wider Europe wide D2C support, to allow us to provide targets in our key regions with the best possible experience. This includes 4 translated websites, in French, Dutch, German & Italian. This added additional complexity to the project.

Scoping for European Success

vvast worked super closely with the Austin based YETI US UX team to take the redesign the US had implemented and ensure it would have the most positive impact for the European market. 

To achieve this we collaborated with YETI US on their CRO strategy to implement any learnings they had found since launch. We also used European data to guide UX decisions, for example YETI as a brand in Europe is not as mature as in the US, so we adapted the designs to ensure new to brand customers get the full introduction to the YETI brand.

The launch of the new websites also see’s the go live of our transatlantic collaboration with the brilliant YETI data and analytics team on GA4 (Google Analytics 4) which is then being leveraged across all of YETIs online properties globally. 

Early indicators since go live are we are exceeding all expectations on site speed which is great for the teams to see given speed is such a huge factor to conversion on mobile in particular. 

Go check out the sites here and maybe treat yourself to a late summer YETI?