We Get Brands into the European Market 

At vvast, we work to tailor and accelerate your brand’s eCommerce and marketplace expansion. We become a genuine extension of the partners we work with, driving significant revenue growth and a loyal customer base.

Three reasons to launch your European D2C channel at vvast scale:

Accelerated Growth
The revenue growth exponential curve is brought forward, sometimes by years

Business Intelligence
Key brand learnings are accelerated with a keener understanding of your customer right from their first transaction

Cutting Edge Technology
Brands leverage our ‘relentless R&D’ mantra by being plugged into our vvastBI and vvastify 2.0 roadmap.

Thanks to our unique paid-on-performance model and full ownership of your D2C P&L, it’s in our interest to drive your long-term revenue and maintain brand equity so you know you’re in good hands.

Some of our partner brand successes include:

Launched new to market and consistently doubled revenue YoY

Added a local European D2C channel to their brand’s channel mix and quadrupled existing Border Free revenue in year 1

Exceed $5M yearly revenue within 2 years of market launch, exceeding partner expectations 

Explore the potential of launching in Europe

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