What we do

Accelerating your brand Ecommerce

It’s no longer enough to simply talk at your customers, you need to make a connection. We can help you start that two-way conversation, delivering a personalised experience at pace, at scale and at low cost.

Three T’s Model

Our vvast service offering provides you with all the D2C tools you need and can scale as you scale. We’ll work with you on your website, trade plan, merchandising and buying and warehousing, as well as extensive legal and localisation tasks to ensure compliance. And we do all of this through the lens of our playbook, the culmination of years of D2C knowledge and learnings from the brands we trade.

Business Intelligence

We provide low capital D2C entry into new EMEA markets at vvast scale. vvast develop the right technology to deliver for you and for your customers. Working from our pioneering D2C playbook, we’ll take you on an exploration of new retail frontiers.

Discover vvastBI


  • Trading strategy & execution
  • Insight-driving Business Intelligence (minimises data manipulation in Excel et al, maximises opportunity)
  • Merchandising & buying
  • Full P&L ownership
  • Compliance

Discover Trading


  • vvast D2C playbook
  • vvastify Shopify theme and ongoing R&D roadmap
  • Customer service & experience
  • CRO programme
  • Localisation
  • vvast process & workflow
  • Warehouse & courier management (3PL)
  • Relentless R&D

Discover Transaction


  • Brand growth strategy
  • Certified media buys
  • Multichannel management
  • Commercial agility (PPC, SEO, Paid Social etc)

Discover Traction


Our vvast model enables you to deliver a fully connected brand experience, tailored to reach your customers at every part of their journey. Empowering the most successful retailers to deliver seamless transactions and delightful customer journeys.

Low risk
Our low risk partnership approach enables brands to build, develop and grow D2C ecommerce revenue without any fixed overheads. Just fast entry into market.

Industry leading team
You get a dedicated and consistently high performing e-commerce and trading team with best practice skillset.

Industry certified performance marketing
Our performance marketing team is fully Google and Facebook-certified and well used to achieving stunning ROAS on your media spend or we can emulate how you operate in current markets e.g. operate your media spend as a percentage of your sales revenue.

Support for growth
We set up your strategy for growth from launch which means there is no need to replatform if you cruise past £100m. D2C has a pinch point around the £3m-£4m mark where processes if not operationally optimised can fall over leading to disappointed customers, damaged brand reputations and missed opportunity.

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